The advocate Olexiy Kucher offers services of analysis and prevention of criminal law risks linked to carrying out some kinds of activity. The lawyer has a great practise in questions of protection of clients from illegal criminal prosecution. Narrow specialization and good knowledge of law enforcement practise provide the achievement of positive results in the most difficult cases.


In which cases the analysis of criminal law risks is needed

Legal aid is usually needed to managers and chief accountants of enterprises because of their professional activity. All-round and objective analysis of risks of criminal prosecution from the side of law enforcement bodies can be needed in following cases:

  • Your enterprise carries out certain kinds of activity (export-import transactions, wholesale and retail trade of some kinds of goods and others);
  • Application of different taxation systems of enterprise;
  • Necessity in defence from pressure from the side of certain officials of law enforcement bodies;
  • Examination of corruption risks linked to receiving state demands and carrying out government buying and other kinds of economical activity;
  • Defence of legitimate interests and rights of creditors in case of illegal and negligent actions of borrowers;
  • Legal aid and defence of the client from criminal prosecution;
  • Defence of debtors from illegal pressure from the side of law enforcement bodies for  coercion to the  fulfilment of obligations;
  • Planned and unplanned inspections by fiscal services, opening of criminal proceedings on their results;
  • Detention or arrest of the client, call for carrying out interrogation to police or prosecutor’s office, inspection or search of the premises, attachment and seizure of property and documents.


The experienced advocate scrutinizes all consequences by case materials that are given by the client or demanded from law enforcement bodies. As a result of the analysis the character and level of risks to client are formed, on their basis the package of measures of their neutralization is worked out.


The prevention of criminal law risks

The defence of interests of the client is carried out by the advocate on the basis of the contract concluded between them. Within the framework of this agreement following kinds of services of neutralization of possible criminal law risks are carried out by the lawyer:

  • Examination of economical activity of the enterprise, its financial and administrative documentation on subject of availability of faults and other defects, that can be the reason of criminal prosecution;
  • Consulting of the management and staff of the enterprise about the order and regulations of carrying out inspections by law enforcement bodies;
  • Creation of list of measures aimed to the minimization of risks of criminal prosecution;
  • Bodily presence and taking part in proceedings of officials of law enforcement bodies, detection of different infringements;
  • Carrying out legal aid to the client while conducting of investigation and search operations and pre-trial inquiry as appropriate.


In the case of timely appealing to the advocate on the earliest stages of proceedings, it is usually possible to neutralize all probable criminal law risks that appear because of specific activity of company or entrepreneur. It allows avoiding an extremely unpleasant scenario of situation development in most cases.


The advantages of cooperation with the experienced advocate

Successful legal practise of long standing is one of the main factors of problem resolving of the client. The advocate Olexiy Kucher, guiding by his own substantial practical experience, narrow specialization and good knowledge in this branch of jurisprudence, guarantees the objectivity of received results while conducting the criminal law risks analysis. The cooperation with clients is built on following principles;

  • Full confidentiality and strict observance of the lawyer-client privilege;
  • Individual approach to resolving of legal questions.


Following of developed strategy and full realization of the complex of introduced measures allows prevent and almost completely neutralize all probable criminal law risks in most cases.