The Constitution and the legislation of Ukraine guarantee for every person the right to defence of their rights, freedoms and legitimate interests. The advocate Olexiy Kucher represents interests of the client in relations with law enforcement bodies and in courts of different instances and jurisdictions. People often can not gauge the existing situation correctly because of legal ignorance and only the involvement to the case an experienced lawyer allows to resolve the arised problem successfully.

Olexiy Kucher has practiced the law since 2006 and has specialized in defence of rights, freedoms and legitimate interests of people in criminal cases, and also in protection of honor, dignity and business reputation cases. The lawyer has a great experience in questions about representation of interests of clients in relations with inspection and law enforcement bodies. On the count of the advocate there are acquittals and full termination of prosecution.


Representation of interests of the client in relations with different bodies, including prosecutor's office and police

Law enforcement bodies have a rule to provide various investigative actions such as searches, inspections, suppression of documents, data carriers etc. Workers of law enforcement bodies take advantage of theirs powers and provide different activity. It can lead to difficulty of enterprise’s work and even its full stoppage.

The involvement of an experienced lawyer on the initial stage of this process allows avoiding many faults and problems. In the course of conducting investigative and other actions an advocate pays attention to next consequences:

  • The correctness of issues of full powers of officials to certain actions;
  • The correctness of drawing up of documents to carry out certain actions;
  • Exercises control over the observance of law during investigative actions and fixes such actions if necessary;
  • Carries out other actions that are necessary for highest possible defence of rights and interests of the client.


Representation of interests in courts

      The legal aid in criminal or civil case is provided on the basis of written agreement, warrant or order. In the course of preparation to judicial session the advocate carries out a considered analysis of the case on the basis of given materials. The advocate can commit such actions representing interests of client in court:

  • Creation of legal position and preparation of all necessary documents;
  • Taking part in judicial sessions with exercising of all procedural rights of the client (files applications and petitions, makes explanations, asks questions to all participants of legal proceedings etc);
  • Producing of assembled proofs of the case, the analysis of evidentiary base;
  • Appealing of different actions and court decisions;
  • Other necessary actions.


The advantages of involvement of the experienced advocate to the representation of interests in law enforcement bodies and in the court

The advocate Olexiy Kucher carries out legal aid to citizens and enterprises in certain range of legal questions. Close specialization of the lawyer provides the highest level of professional training that is the certain guarantee of successful resolving of client’s problems. Representing interests of client in relations with police and prosecutor’s office, and also with court the advocate adheres to some principles:

  • Professionalism and carefulness in the course of examination of consequences of the case;
  • Strict compliance with legal ethics – preservation of received information from the client in a secret;
  • Individual approach and using exceptionally legal methods to successful resolving of the situation in which the client is in.


Practising advocate Olexiy Kucher is ready to proceed to the performance of duties of the defence of the client’s interests on any stage. The lawyer never refuses to carry out engaged obligations and defends client’s interests until the necessary result will be achieved.