In the news briefs we often see the information about somebody who committed a crime or became its victim. Modern realities make everybody think that the law “on paper” can not always protect innocent or injured person without a specialist, who uses norms rightly.

While becoming a victim of a crime or a subject of victimization, a person definitely needs a help of a qualified criminal lawyer and this will allow to suppress wrongful acts of law enforcement agents quickly.

A good lawyer must help the client with solving of a problem from start to finish, and must use all necessary methods of defending client’s interests.

Criminal lawyer’s services in Kharkiv are provided by law companies, firms and lawyers, who carry out independent activities.

Olexiy Kucher is the criminal lawyer. Behind him there is more than ten-years-old experience of work and a lot of successfully finished cases. Confidentiality, legality and priority of client’s case are primarily principles of his work.

Criminal lawyer’s services include:

  • Defence of individuals and legal entities in criminal proceedings;
  • Advocacy and protection of interests services within participation in investigatory actions: search, inspection, interrogation etc.;
  • Creation of effective legal position, formation of evidence base, rebutting a commission of a crime;
  • Appealing of illegal decisions, actions and omissions to act of law enforcement agencies;
  • Familiarization and analysis of criminal case materials;
  • Customer protection services at judicial and law enforcement bodies;
  • Provision of services to victims and witnesses in criminal proceedings;
  • Consultations on corruption risks while staying on certain positions or during the appointment on them.

The criminal lawyer Olexiy Kucher also provides criminal law protection services of legal entities, such as:

  • Legal supporting and analysis of business activities of clients;
  • Advocacy in relationships with law enforcement bodies;
  • Advocacy of company (employee) in participating in investigatory actions: search, inspection, interrogation etc.;
  • Protection in conducting inspections by monitoring agencies;
  • Removal arrests from property;
  • Defence of legal entity in trial in criminal proceeding;
  • Provision of recovering pecuniary damages (losses), that were occasioned to legal entity by the crime;
  • Analysis and neutralization of criminal law risks, associated with some types of activities.

Criminal lawyers of Kharkiv differ from each other because of varying approaches to resolving conflicts. Practically all criminal lawyers in Kharkiv first of all try to settle a problem in peaceful way, but at the worst – via law enforcement and judicial bodies in the field of law, use various ways of providing legal assistance.


Cost of lawyer’s services varies from peculiarity of the specific case.