Narrow specialization

The main direction of activity
is the advocatory defence in criminal cases

Positive experience

Termination of criminal proceedings concerning clients


Fiduciary relationships with clients based
on the observance of lawyer-client privilege

The advocate Olexiy Kucher provides legal services in criminal cases and in the field of protection of honour, dignity and business reputation. There are more than ten-year experience of work in this field and many successfully completed cases behind him.

Kharkiv is rightly considered to be one of cities that are incredibly full of experienced advocates and lawyers. Recognized by society highly skilled advocate in Kharkiv apply many efforts to stand out in a multitude of colleagues for account of his high-quality professionalism.

Services of an experienced advocate are characterized by an individual approach to problem-solving of a client, full confidentiality and professionalism, application of all possible legal means, methods and ways of successful exit of a problem situation.

Advocate’s services in Kharkiv and any other city consist from several stages:

  • Detailed analysis of consequences and situation of a client;
  • Creation of effective legal position, preparation of necessary procedural documents;
  • Support and representation of interests of client in courts of all instances, law enforcement bodies, prosecutor’s offices and other establishments;
  • Supervision over the implementation of a decision.


A good advocate guarantees to his clients a deep scrutiny of a problem through prism of the legislation and court practice, protection of full confidentiality, reporting about the work that has been done, permanent informing about current status of a case and further actions, matching of legal position, personal participation in actions in the proceedings, including investigation actions, in judicial sessions.


An advocate is always following principles of legality, confidentiality and priority of interests of a person who asked for the aid while supporting.


Costs of advocate’s services in Kharkiv depend on individual features of the case.